I’ve noticed a distinct lack of women around here – there’s like, none.

From what the natives tell me, even if you made it to Texas, there were perils. Either that’s true or they are seriously trying to cover something up.

P.S., Pain

Sacred Angel, cigarette stained,
You look so pretty in the dirty city
Making friends with Pain
But Pain is always a stranger

He’s coming round every corner
Headlights getting warmer
Sticking out like a foreigner
Pain is always a stranger

Torn up barby doll baby, wrapped in grace
You’re loving life from the other side
Flying high with Pain

Take off your ring
Strap on your wings
He will shout from above
Somebody owes him love
He will laugh at you
Until he’s blue
That is what he’ll do
Because Pain is always a stranger.

Bottle Caps

There was a bar or honkey-tonk here at one time, you can still see where the ground is charred, it must have burned all the way to the ground.

The chinaman says he got a table made of bottle caps out of here.

Bottle Bottoms

Just empty the bottle. Spin it on it’s side. Kiss it on the lips. Stick your finger deep inside. Who’s it gonna pick this time?

The bottom of the bottle’s turning water to wine for me. The best things in life are cheap.

Tear off the labels. Tear off the warning signs. Just empty the bottles. Pile ’em up (pile ’em up, pile em up) and let them shine.



Some of these people dreamed of escape. In their songs, they often spoke longingly of a pure land of fire, where everything is remembered.


A blue horizon’s all you see
Far cities fall below the sea
A broken leaf blows
Through your attic window
You light a cigarette
And dream about lost continents
And Texas
Will you ever see Texas?

In the morning at the end of time,
There’s cream beneath the quiet lights
Of Texas,
Will you ever see Texas?

When the lifeboats have all passed
You’ll follow on the ancient paths
To Texas
Will you ever see Texas?

Translucent armies flow behind you
Paper bridges wash away
Long red dresses and old blue suits
Fall beneath the Milky Waves
Of Texas
Will you ever see Texas?