Chasing the Dragon

The Confucian was philosophical. ‘Well, you have to understand…’, he said.

It turns out they were all in a band. The Confucian showed me his instruments, in his kitchen:

Do those really belong in a polka band, I wondered?

As for the lyrics, he said he couldn’t remember, and I’d have to visit the goatman who lived in the RV, he wrote all the lyrics.


If I could find my army
I could save the world
If I could find my army
I swear that I could

If I could find my army
I’d fight for the rights of man
And write up all the wrongs
But I think my army’s gone

I saw seven billion children
Crawling on their knees
Burning in the jungle
Fire flying through the trees

And if I could find my army
Rising from the sea
They’d fall upon the shore
And wash the cities clean

It happened in the summer
A long time ago
By the time that it was over
We were crying on the phone
If I could find my army
I’d tell them in a letter
Now I’m thinking maybe
It was all for the better

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