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Summer Solstice

It’s OK. They only wanted me to be in their band. I play trumpet now. I’m on fire. (Happy Solstice Everyone!) [audio: monica sun.mp3] (Lyric with chords:) in the santa monica sun c                                 g parents watch and children wade am                             g in the santa monica sun c                                g gradually the smiles fade am                            g in the santa […]

Take Me With You

I’ve always wanted to find a place like this. Take me with you (when you go) [audio: me with you.mp3] take me with you when you go we don’t ever ever have to come home take me with you when you go there’s a white gate by the road I was working on the new […]

Chasing the Dragon

The Confucian was philosophical. ‘Well, you have to understand…’, he said. It turns out they were all in a band. The Confucian showed me his instruments, in his kitchen: Do those really belong in a polka band, I wondered? As for the lyrics, he said he couldn’t remember, and I’d have to visit the goatman […]

Army of Rus

So I rushed to see the Russian, asking him excitedly about Roscoes and the missing songs. I think I interrupted him doing something, I noticed an accordion shoved hastily under a chair. “Waht, you don’ wan’ gasoline?” I asked him again about Roscoes. He flew into a rage, broke his Vodka bottle, and came at […]

More Clues

It seems like I overlooked some crucial evidence. In the cassette case for the tape I found in the ashes of Roscoe’s Beer Barrel, I’d found a folded up piece of paper with all the lyrics written on it in VERY tiny lettering. The thing is, there are some lyrics for songs that aren’t on […]


Out in the field below the moutain, I found strange lines and markings – so ancient, it looked as if the chalk had come up out of the ground, as if lines were drawn without human hand. They were kind of crooked, thin then wide, the remains of some primordial ritual manifesting itself, a blind force from before time? […]


I’ve noticed a distinct lack of women around here – there’s like, none. From what the natives tell me, even if you made it to Texas, there were perils. Either that’s true or they are seriously trying to cover something up. [audio:] P.S., Pain Sacred Angel, cigarette stained, You look so pretty in the dirty […]

Bottle Caps

There was a bar or honkey-tonk here at one time, you can still see where the ground is charred, it must have burned all the way to the ground. [audio:] The chinaman says he got a table made of bottle caps out of here. Bottle Bottoms Just empty the bottle. Spin it on it’s side. […]


Some of these people dreamed of escape. In their songs, they often spoke longingly of a pure land of fire, where everything is remembered. [audio:] Texas A blue horizon’s all you see Far cities fall below the sea A broken leaf blows Through your attic window You light a cigarette And dream about lost continents […]

The Ancient Texts

Burn them, said the preacher man, but someone laid these screeds to rest inside an old tire swing, covered up with old vines. overload overload the lines are down overload the dam is blown theres a dark side to the sky but there is a light side too which side are you betting on what […]

Living In A Ghost Town

This isn’t Ivy, this is some kind of ghost town, and every ghost seems to have an opinion about the way it’s been kept up. If I hear that crazy old lady in the spectacles bitch at me one more time about her damn broken windows, I won’t even pretend to feed her. I didn’t […]

And the Horse You Rode In On

Now we’ve had cars, trucks, trains, and now a horse. That’s what they call progress. Up There: [audio: there.mp3]

Nobody Here is From Here

This one dude drove by so fast all I saw was mud flying up. [audio: boy.mp3] local boy i dont want to be a local boy i dont want to be that dude i dont want to be a local boy i dont wanna be like you im heading home my wheels are four by […]

Scattered Leaves

death train baby ill use these hands for work baby i will work your love but i wont fold them up to pray i aint going down that way you say I’m running on the railway to hell But I cant hear the whistle howl or the ringing of the bell i’m sleeping good on […]


Sweet water dripping from a vine on one day of thaw. I see my reflection in an icy pool and have to wonder, if there were anyone here at all, what they would see. The heavy tires throw up frost and slush. The light is on in the window, the sign says open. [audio: on […]

The Russian’s Tale

There’s this Russian guy, he lives in the old defunct gas station, he must have come over with the Confucian. His name is Max, and when I visited him, he assured me that he stood astride the Berlin Wall with a pickaxe as that wall fell beneath him, and he shared a little story about […]

A Million Waves

And this man, also from some strange clime or time, crossed a million waves to be here, to sing to me, him alone, it seems, and unlike the trailer man and the chinese passenger, his brow was light. Perhaps he still gazed upon the stars. A Million Waves: [audio: million waves.mp3] the waves break on […]

Oh, Gunpowder

A stranger, not from here at all, a man of foreign visage and demeanor, with a permanent crease on his brow, but a fellow scientist I gathered. Oh, Gunpowder: [audio: gunpowder.mp3] they went looking for the essence of life did they find it? they went looking for the balance of everything did they find it? […]

X Rayed Rose

What a sad shell of a man, an empty shell, and I shuddered to hear his song. [audio: rayed rose.mp3] then theyre gonna put you in the tunnel then theyre gonna lie you on the table what am i gonna say to your mom shes gonna think that its my fault x rayed rose x […]

Some Disenchanted Morning

The first inhabitant of Wahoo was pretty straighforward, the local type, lots of those guys in these parts. Did I know, before he opened his mouth to sing, he lived in a big old RV? Some Disenchanted Morning: [audio: morning.mp3] i’ve been stuck in this old trailer in the darkness and the rain down by […]