Goatman Demo

(Trying to get a better examination of the Goatman song. With honest, genuine unsimulated crickets!)

i hear the goatman calling
i hear the goatman calling
he is calling you
he is calling you

i remember running by the river
i remember drowning in forgiveness
we’ll still shed our snakeskins
we’ll ride that river til its red
we’ll leave our little wind
down at the edge

i remember what you said
some things are barren but not dead
baby forgive me, make it all my fault
because my whole life
wherever i was
i wanted to be gone
except for that once

i hear the goatman calling
i hear the goatman calling
he is calling you
he is calling you

(Is this from Ivy Dell? GOATMEN?? I’m starting to think it might not be the lost paradise that people say…)

Digging Up Some Songs

I thought I’d check the Mondo P. Khan Myspace page to see if there were any songs there that might help in this project. It turns out that there are a few demos that may or may not end up being useful.

I liked these well enough, but do they point the way to Ivy Dell?

Wonderful Leaves



Little Milton’s Repose

Maybe, maybe not. I think further exploration is necessary before we can know for sure.


I made a ‘demo’ (rough draft) of a song which I conceitedly call ‘Goldmine’. Here’s the tune, the first time I played it:

You’ll notice there is a big instrumental break with no instruments in it. That’s because instead of making music this morning I was fixing software, fix one thing, break another. Repeat as necessary, repeat, repeat.

There aren’t any real overdubs at all, just one take to a stereo recorder. The fake background vocals are cut from the end of the track and mixed into the right part of the song later. When I record like this, if I make a mistake I just start that bit over again and cut the mistake out later. It’s digital, by nature fake.