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Today Your Name is Ana

Of course. It’s always about a woman when you get to the root of it. A woman, or lack thereof. And so the boy came to his conclusion. Ana’s Attic: [audio:http://www.mondopkhan.com/sounds/ivy2/anas attic.mp3] And with his lofty reverie of an actual house with an actual person in it, I left him behind as well and continued […]

Rescued Songs

I lost the mixes for these songs and rescued these versions from the myspace page. They have been myspacified and are of an even lower quality than they would have been! But that doesn’t matter at this point. Needle [audio:http://www.mondopkhan.com/sounds/ivy2/like the needle.mp3] World Without Wheels [audio:http://www.mondopkhan.com/sounds/ivy2/world without wheels.mp3] Ana’s Attic [audio:http://www.mondopkhan.com/sounds/ivy2/anas attic.mp3]