The Ongoing Story of the Everlasting 86 Tapes

Gosh, golly, Betty Jean, here’s one for the high school musical. I thought I did everything right and this is it?

Jack Shit

I hear Ivy has a sports team, or they did, a really long time ago. They could never get it right.

Number 86

A really incredibly ancient song, followed by a sort-of-newer one. Half of the second one is actually a rewrite of the first song, but can serve as a sequel. The second half of the second song is actually older than the first song. I think.

So obviously ‘number 86’ is about football. Maybe they should try baseball.

Fires On The Beach

This is a newer recording of a very very very very VERY old song. I dropped a verse, did some spit and shine, and here it is. More High School Musical. This was recorded in Glorious Mono then


You’ll just have to use your imagination for the kick ass guitar solo.

Fires On The Beach:

When the afternoon gets too deep for me
Let’s go outside and meet the sea
Tonight we’ll build a fire on the beach

When we can join in
With the other kids
Let’s kick our feet like dying swans

And fall out of reach
And laugh and yawn
Shake your body, baby
Like it’s all that you’ve got
Tonight we’ll build a little fire on the beach

Lay down with me
Wrapped in a sheet
You and me, we got time enough to dream
Of monarch butterflies
That dance across the dawn
When the chrysalis is gone
Can’t you hear their song?

When the afternoon gets too deep
Let’s go outside and meet the sea

Tonight we’ll build a fire on the beach

No More Hearts to Break

(I recorded my junior high school musical song. Shove it in your locker!)

(For the girls with all the boyfiends. Little Johnny is sitting in the gymnasium, all alone with his guitar, his best friend, the guitar. He doesn’t even have a pick. Sniffle sniffle. Boys don’t cry, they don’t cry.)