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X Rayed Rose

What a sad shell of a man, an empty shell, and I shuddered to hear his song. [audio:http://www.mondopkhan.com/sounds/ivy1/x rayed rose.mp3] then theyre gonna put you in the tunnel then theyre gonna lie you on the table what am i gonna say to your mom shes gonna think that its my fault x rayed rose x […]

Passing Wahoo

On my way to Ivy, or where I hoped Ivy would be, I passed through a little town called Wahoo, population: five. The five people told me that ‘Wahoo’ was Indian for ‘Really Fucked Up’. Anyway, each one gave me a song. A Million Waves: [audio:http://www.mondopkhan.com/sounds/ivy1/a million waves.mp3] Some Disenchanted Morning: [audio:http://www.mondopkhan.com/sounds/ivy1/disenchanted morning short.mp3] Oh, […]